Neopets Beta Update + Site Update

Posted on 13 May 2021 by Matt

First of all I just want to update everyone that the mobile layout conversion for Sketched Neo will be delayed.

I was really hoping to have it ready this week, however I have had some urgent medical appointments this week which has led me be too unwell to work on it.
Once I am fully recovered I will be sure to update everyone on the progress of when I expect to launch it!

Now onto some really great news....

Neopets announced yesterday a formal update for Bet V0.4.6!

A raft of new additions/updates have been launched, below we have summarised these for you

Site Search V1

The search function has now been added! Might I say its incredibly good and so good to see this back! You can use it via the eyeglass at the top right of each page next to the notifications icon.

Main Pages
Community Central and Create a Pet have been made mobile friendly!! Both have had a nice overhaul.

Several quests have been converted to mobile:

Kitchen Quest
Illusen's Glade
Jhudora's Bluff
The Snow Faerie's Quest
The BRAIN Tree

Gamesroom Content Update
Some more classic games that don't rely on Flash ahve been made mobile friendly:
AAA's Revenge
Neopian Adventure Generator
Vending Machine
Below are some further notes from neo about other updates/fixes being worked on:

Happy Tyrannian Victory Day!!!
- The Tyrannia site theme is now available for use on mobile-friendly pages. Visit your preferences to check it out.
- We are continually converting and fixing wearable items for HTML5 customisation.
- We've made some minor improvements to the keyboard-accessibility of the main navigation bar, although this is not the final state for the menu. Stay tuned for more fully-featured accessibility updates in the future.

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