Sketched Neo is LIVE!

Posted on 13 Feb 2021 by Matt

Hi there!

Welcome to Sketched Neo. Back in 2021 after closing in 2014!

With the revamp of Neopets currently underway, I thought it was time to relaunch Sketched Neo in a new era - welcoming back previous visitors, along with new ones that are discovering us for the very first time! Welcome

A lot of work is still required for the site to be fully up and running. Please bear with us as we get the new navigation links up and running.

From there, next task will be to convert all graphics to be working and in line with the new Neo filters as well as (we hope) compatible with the new Neo layout.

In saying that we need staff. We are in need of members to join the below areas:

- Graphics
- Neopets Guides
- Tutorials
- Coders

If you want to join the site a staff member, we would love to hear form you.
Send us an email at with some details about yourself and some examples of work.
Or please apply via the "Staff Application Page"

In the meantime feel free to explore the site, provide feedback or just sit back and enjoy the nostalgia!


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