About Us

Our Mission:
"To have a number one focus on Neopets and to provide visitors with top quality Graphics that work with the current Neopets filters, along with helping visitors through Guides and to keep them informed with the latest Neopets news."

Originally Neostory.org in 2006 Sketched Neo was opened November 5th that year after Neo Story's unexpected closure.
The site was originally hosted by our partner at the time Neocrave.net, which was owned by Victor. The sites layout was also created by the design section of his site. Around the time Sketched Neo was receiving mid 20-30 people visiting each day and was the first site that Matt was actually able to hire staff for.

Powering into 2007 with the site constantly expanding, on November 6th (the day after the sites first birthday) we moved to our own independent server. This meant that we had more file storage space, and the site could handle more visitors. Since 2007 we have remained on this same server and today are receiving over 100 people visit the site each day.

Visitor opinion is highly regarded on the site, and many of the layouts created for the site are created around suggestions from visitors, or certain aspects that they want added. Not only are the site layouts tweaked and created to the visitors liking, the content that is made for the site (Graphics, Guides, Tutorials, Site Tools etc.) is also created on the need that visitors feel they will use more.

In mid 2008, Sketched Neo News Central was opened to the public providing all Neopets users with the Daily Crossword and Daily Puzzle answers, the current Mystery Picture Competition and of course the latest Neopets News. Although in early 2010 the poirtal was closed due to staff inactivity and visitors expressed that it was easier to read the news on the main site each day.