Bouncy Supreme

This game is located in the unknowable Jelly World, which TNT have been long trying to keep players from finding.
It is not listed on the Action Games page, so many players were not aware of its existence.

To bounce from pillar to pillar until the Blumaroo gets home, but there are no evidence that the Blumaroo is ever going to reach home.

Unfortunately a gigantic Pterodactyl has spied his lunch...

Don't worry. The Pterodactyl wouldn't appear unless all your time runs out, but you keep getting time bonuses! So it's unlikely to ever turn up.

How to use the guide for the first 3 jump?

Just make sure the shiny curved line actually reach the next pillar, like this.

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However, after 3 jumps the guide will disappear, and 4 ~ 5 gold or silver coins will appear. Collect all the coins during the jump to get a time bonus.

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We believe the coins are there not just to give you time bonus, but also to guide you. On most jumps, like the 1 above, the loop at the end of the white line should touch the first coin, but not all kind of jumps are like this. You should follow the coins on the horizontal jumps (jumps that doesn't go up and down)

In jumps where they require you go jump from a taller pillar to a shorter one, straight lines paths are not recommended as they will easily miss. Instead, try to do an almost perfect curve like in the screenshot (again, follow the coins!). The arrow points the blumaroo's path during the jump.

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All the above screenshots seem to be exactly following the coins, but there will be
times when you CAN'T follow them. If you do, you fall into lava.

There are pillars that go from short to tall, and they are trickier than the two mentioned above.

There are two kinds, because each require different jumping methods.

The far apart one is easier, since MOST of the time the blumaroo will be on the screen.

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Try to arrange your white line like this.

The close-up one is the hardest of them all. In this case, point your white line UPWARDS.

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You'll probably miss most ~ all of the coins, but they're not worth losing a life over.

What happens if time run out?

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What about the Angle and Power?

I don't think they matter. I never cared about them and yet I can still score well.


If you get 1250 points, then you get 1k. I don't suggest you play for points as there are no available avatar. Scoring too high will only waste your time. Press End Game when you exceed that score, and send it three times should make 3,000 neopoints everyday you play it!

The Highest Score


Minimum to qualify for High Score Table

17,519 My High Score

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